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Improving Thunderbolt intelligence: Data collection and event monitoring provide Intel IT with actionable insights for an improved experience for users.

Thunderbolt technology has established itself as the fastest, simplest, most reliable USB-C connection available—the premier connectivity solution IT can offer users throughout the organization.1 Developed and maintained by Intel Corporation, Thunderbolt provides a universal cable connectivity solution delivering high-speed bandwidth ideal for fast data and video transfer. In addition, Thunderbolt simultaneously charges the user’s laptop—all over a single cable.

Thunderbolt standardization provides IT with the reliability and manageability needed to support users with greatly varying needs. Thunderbolt brand certification mandates a high level of minimum performance and capabilities for ports, cables, PCs, and accessories, increasing dependability across devices and operating systems. As the most comprehensive standard for USB-C connections available on the market, Thunderbolt technology provides IT with the freedom to choose from a broad range of compatible products. Plus, it delivers backward compatibility with earlier Thunderbolt devices, as well as USB-C and display devices.

And now, Intel has developed one more reason for Enterprise IT to take advantage of Thunderbolt technology: Thunderbolt Analytics, a new, sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing the Thunderbolt user experience.

The challenge that Intel IT has faced when providing their corporate users with the many advantages of Thunderbolt technology is a lack of visibility into what Thunderbolt users experience. There has been no telemetry to collect and transmit data on a range of events and parameters. How is performance on different applications? Are Intel workers having a seamless experience? Are they using the appropriate devices, and are those devices connecting properly, both individually and when chained together? Are monitors displaying content optimally? And so on. Prior to Thunderbolt Analytics, Intel IT had few tools to help support users. When a user had a problem with a USB dock or Thunderbolt dock, tech support faced a virtual black box and, in some cases, required more lengthy support sessions to dig into the problem. The results were lengthy (and not always successful) support sessions and disgruntled users.

Thunderbolt Analytics telemetry provides new insight and understanding of the user experience, helping Intel IT solve user problems more quickly and easily. Installing the tool on ~150,000 laptops throughout the company has enabled Intel IT to gather insights across the entire organization and improve the overall Thunderbolt experience—and do so in the background, transparently, with virtually no negative impact on system performance or usability.

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