Build a following:
In this ever-expanding digital landscape, getting your story heard requires ingenuity. Simply posting content on your website, or YouTube, and waiting for an audience to come to you isn’t enough. You have to broaden your reach.

Syndicating your content not only increases its visibility–through distribution across multiple channels–but it makes your content easier to access.

How does syndication work?

Increasing reach – In addition to attracting an expanded following directly through the Connected Social Media Network, your content is broadcast over a vast array of update services, RSS feeds and web directories, ensuring you the widest possible audience.

Increasing accessibility – We optimize the content format to broaden the reach of your message to more Web channels and devices – like smart phones, tablets, iPads and iTVs.

Increasing precision – Monthly trending reports paint a picture of which content is most popular, allowing you to adjust your approach for maximum effect.