IT@Intel: Intel and Sony Semiconductor Corporation Solutions Advance Digital Twin Technology for Manufacturing

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Other than electricity itself, no technology has changed the world as much as semiconductors. As the essential components of the continuing computer evolution, they are responsible for dramatic changes in virtually every area of modern life. As semiconductors have evolved into a wide variety of forms— including but not limited to microprocessors, memory chips, and integrated circuits—they have become the enabling technology behind a broad array of devices, from our ubiquitous PCs, laptops, and smartphones to cameras, home appliances, automobiles, laser-powered devices, and innumerable specialty systems for business, industry, healthcare, transportation, aerospace, defense, and more.

Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (SCK, a subsidiary of Sony Semiconductor Solution Corporation) is a world leader in the semiconductor industry. Headquartered in Kumamoto, Japan, SCK produces and markets image sensors, integrated circuits, and a variety of components for use in the devices mentioned above.
The manufacturing of semiconductors is complex, demanding, and expensive. Cutting corners isn’t an option, as meeting the highest standards of quality is critical to maintaining industry leadership. Balancing process efficiency while delivering that quality (all while maintaining the margins required for overall profitability) is a never-ending job.

To help meet these challenges, SCK joined forces with Intel Corporation, a leading innovator in the microprocessor industry for many years. With over fifty years of experience in successfully manufacturing semiconductors, Intel was uniquely positioned to team up with SCK. This paper details the progress—and success—of that partnership.

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