Decipher the treasure map:
Social media affords a variety of real-time indicators to measure traffic, but that’s a double-edged sword. Charting an effective strategy from an endless stream of data is daunting to say the least. What you need is a way to connect the dots, and establish a clearer picture of how your story is being received.

To provide that clarity, Connected Social Media has developed a range of measurements that map directly to the stages of your circle of influence:

Visibility – The most basic form of measurement. We tap the KET Strategy used to optimize your content for discovery – enabling you to track where, when and how it’s being found.

Consumption – We use the tools and channels of syndication to measure the frequency with which your content is being consumed – furnishing you with a more tangible indication of its effectiveness.

Engagement – Measuring the flow of dialogue triggered by your content allows us to spot patterns of successful engagement, empowering you to shape public opinion surrounding your brand message.

Brand Advocacy – By measuring third-party endorsements of your content, we help you connect with the most persuasive advocates – catapulting your brand above the competition.

While each has merit on its own, used in conjunction these levels of measurement provide solid benchmarks along the path to your ultimate reward – brand advocacy.