Cyber Threats Are Becoming More Sophisticated, So Should You

January 18th, 2022 | | 23:53
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Cybercrime has become a sophisticated enterprise. Hacking tools built on the latest technologies such as AI or hybrid cloud are available on the black market, where stolen data is also bought and sold. And digital tools used in cinema have become cheap and available. This kind of software is also in the hands of hackers who deploy them to fool users into clicking on unsecure links. “They’re able to manipulate, of course, letters and signatures and other corporate data, as well as now voices and of course images,” says Stephen Viña, senior vice president of Marsh’s Cyber Practice. “They’re really able to fabricate a whole story out of thin air, just to get you to click on a link, to authorize a payment, to move money around.”

There was a time in the early days of the internet that users assumed technologists would simply develop cyber security software that relieved the user from having to think about it. Today, we are further than ever from that notion. All it takes to bring a company to its knees is one person in the organization clicking on an unsecure link. In this episode, a conversation with Stephen Viña about the ever-changing risks of digital crime, from hacking to ransomware.

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