Attract your audience:
Getting your content on the front page draws attention. Keeping it there generates interest. When you optimize your content for discovery, you don’t just boost your search engine ranking for an instant. You build equity around terms that define your brand, increasing its potential for discovery indefinitely.

Connected Social Media uses an interconnected methodology to move your content to the front of the pack. We call it a Key Equity Term (KET) Strategy.

Key Equity Term – the broad strokes:
Repeating key words on a web page to promote search engine optimization (SEO) is nothing new. Smart site-builders have been at it for years. What makes us different is that we leverage our knowledge of the dynamic nature of social media–favored by search engines–to help you optimize your behavior for search.

Because the content is forever changing, a dynamic website and it’s related social media activity are continuously indexed by search engines and constantly rediscovered. The more your content circulates and the more consistent you are with the use of keywords, the closer your brand gets to the top of page one.