IT@Intel: Secure Cloud Printing and Imaging

February 17th, 2022 |
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IT Best Practices: Intel employees expect easy-to-use, seamless and effective printing. Intel IT has the responsibility to find the most cost-effective, secure and technically viable solution. Marrying these two goals is an art, and Intel IT’s best practices can demystify this process, provide insights about the selection of devices, help evaluate different modes of ownership and balance user and business needs.

Our printing and scanning services have evolved over time. Initially, we used a decentralized management model. To improve efficiency, we adopted a more centralized model, where Intel IT, not the business units, procured and managed devices. More recently, we have implemented a highly secure, private-cloud-based model and work with a single vendor to manage the devices and services.

This secure, cloud-based managed print services (MPS) model provides the following benefits:
• Significant reduction in printing costs
• Security improvements
• Enhanced user experience

In addition, the MPS model brings Intel closer to “The Workplace of the Future,” with greener printing policies. The MPS approach has been successful and is a useful example of Intel IT best practices. Moving forward, we will continually analyze data from all printing and imaging devices to gain insights about printing behaviors across the enterprise. We will strive to fine-tune the MPS model and policies to improve cost and efficiency even more.

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