IT@Intel: Wi-Fi 6–The Advantages Are Real

December 21st, 2021 |
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IT Best Practices: Intel IT tests Wi-Fi 6 in an actual office environment during COVID lockdown, proving enhanced performance under challenging, real-world scenarios and delivering important insights for successful deployments.

Wi-Fi 6 may be the ideal gateway toward realization of an enterprise-wide wireless infrastructure. With many of our office spaces temporarily vacated due to the COVID pandemic, we had the unique opportunity to test this latest Wi-Fi standard in a real office environment using laptops equipped with Intel Wi-Fi 6E (AX210) network cards.

We partnered with Intel’s Client Computing Group to conduct a series of tests within these spaces. The team systematically stressed the network with scenarios relevant to today’s working environments, including an increased number of connected devices and real-time collaboration applications. We varied user counts, roaming settings, channel configurations and more to benchmark the performance of each configuration.

Our test results demonstrated that a Wi-Fi 6 upgrade can provide the following advantages for a dense enterprise wireless local area network (WLAN):
• The ability to increase the number of users and devices per access point (AP), reducing deployment costs
• Enhanced support for an increasing number of devices with existing deployment densities
• Improved high-density performance with less interference, fewer dropped connections and more efficient packet transmission
• Faster data throughput
• Consistent service and improved reliability

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