IT@Intel: Accelerated Analytics Drives Breakthroughs in Factory Equipment Availability

September 15th, 2022 |
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IT Best Practices: An accelerated analytics breakthrough helps quickly identify underutilized factory equipment and deliver data that drives improvements and increases equipment productivity.

For Intel’s complex factory environments, quickly identifying tools that are operating below their optimal capacity and finding the root cause is crucial for maximizing production output. With thousands of tools involved in production and each manufacturing tool running from one to 50 operations, there are tens of thousands of tools and operations to monitor, analyze and adjust. Knowing where to focus engineering efforts is a monumental challenge.

To address this challenge, Intel IT worked with the Virtual Factory (VF) experts in Intel’s factories to create a powerful analysis method that lets managers quickly traverse an entire factory, or several factories, and identify underutilized equipment. The team built upon an existing platform to create and implement this new data analysis within 48 hours of the initial request. The solution rapidly increased production at one of Intel’s factories, generating significant value in the first quarter of usage.

    Some unique attributes of our solution include the following:

  • The analysis uses an easily traversable grid modeled after actual factory organization to allow fast and intuitive interactions.
  • Areas in a factory that need help can be identified in seconds.
  • Clearly presented, detailed analyses help find root causes of process behaviors.
  • Copy Exactly! helps ensure rapid adoption across all of Intel’s facilities while providing self-service flexibility to fit each factory’s unique needs.

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