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September 8th, 2021 |
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IT Best Practices: Intel’s innovative disaggregated server architecture and data center facilities design and operation reduce e-waste and increase energy efficiency—helping to protect the environment and produce significant cost savings.

Do what’s right for the business and what’s right for the environment. That is the dual goal behind many of Intel IT’s data center transformation initiatives. We have found that these goals are often closely linked: reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) can help us also reduce total cost to the environment (TCE).

Adopting disaggregated servers enables us to refresh only certain server components like the CPU and the memory without refreshing other components like networking, drives, fans, power supplies, cables or chassis. This approach to server refresh has not only provided a 44 percent cost savings, but has significantly reduced e-waste as well.

Our innovative approach to data center cooling reduces our electrical costs and contributes to one of the world’s highest data center efficiency ratings—a power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.06. These same approaches also have reduced fresh water usage by up to 61 million gallons per year. In addition, using fuel cells as a dual source of energy has allowed us to eliminate equipment such as power backup systems, which simplifies infrastructure design and lowers data center construction costs, and also reduces our carbon footprint.

Through disruptive technologies, innovative data center design, optimization of data center operational processes and higher resource utilization, we continue to look for ways to transform our data centers to better meet Intel’s—and the world’s—needs.

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