Why Business Client Devices Are Needed for Self-Service BI

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IT Best Practices: We are in the midst of the democratization of big data. Broadening business users’ access to analytics makes it difficult for traditional business intelligence (BI) to meet user demand. At Intel, some users perform self-service BI by running queries, creating visualizations, exploring data, and performing analytics. Twenty-five percent of our sales and marketing group already performs self-service BI.

Analytics—along with other “workplace transformation” initiatives such as social media, mobile technologies, and cloud solutions—are critical to optimizing productivity for all of Intel’s business groups. To advance these workplace transformation initiatives, Intel IT provides client devices to users that are powerful enough to enable users to meet the demanding needs of business.

To evaluate the business value of high-performance business client devices for users conducting self-service BI, we tested how processor core speed, processor cache, and RAM influenced simple, medium, and complex query response times of datasets on nine hardware configurations (tablets and laptops).

In terms of enabling a productive workforce, by upgrading a self-service BI user from an Intel Core i5 vPro processor to an Intel Core i7 vPro processor, query response times can be reduced from two hours to almost one. That efficiency can translate into faster decision making and more time for innovation and productivity.

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