Future Lab: SENS – Socially Enabled Services for Mobile Devices

September 27th, 2010 |
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Future Lab radio is sponsored by Intel Labs and is available on Intel Free Press and through iTunes.  

A coming major advance in computer technology is a form of context awareness known as Socially Enabled Services or SENS, which refers to mobile devices that can anticipate user needs, such as advising the best routes to take on the road or providing information to other people about the user’s availability. SENS technology is possible because of recent and forthcoming mobile devices with greater processing power, improved connectivity and sensing capabilities.

Total time – 10:51

Lakshman Krishnamurthy Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Labs;
John Cross Neumann; Industrial Designer in People & Practices Research Group, Intel Labs;
Henry Bruce; Software Engineer; Software Pathfinding and Innovation, Intel Software and Solutions Group;
Wendy March; Senior Designer and Research Scientist, Intel Labs;

See SENS demos on YouTube.

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