IT Information Security: Evaluating Intel Anti-Theft Technology

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IT Information Security: Intel IT recently completed a technology evaluation of Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT), available on laptop PCs with 2010 Intel Core vPro processors.

Intel AT is a hardware-based technology that can help detect theft and disable a laptop if it is lost or stolen, as shown in Figure 1 in the PDF. This protects valuable enterprise data and intellectual property as well as the hardware itself. Additionally, Intel AT adds value to full-disk encryption by protecting data even if the encryption keys are compromised. We worked with our encryption supplier during the development of Intel AT to help define the features required for enterprise use.

In our evaluation, we worked with the Intel AT product group and our encryption supplier to test features over our wireless LAN (WLAN), LAN, and virtual private network (VPN), based on a possible enterprise use case in which a Service Desk technician disables a stolen laptop.

The results of our evaluation indicate that Intel AT will improve our ability to protect company-owned laptops as well as data and intellectual property. We plan to test the same features over a mobile 3G network in the near future.

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