AI Impacting IT Operations Strategies

October 17th, 2023 | | 2:30
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In this video interview, Harmail Chatha, senior director of cloud computing operations at Nutanix talks about sustainability factors and automation capabilities of AI shaping IT strategies.

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Ken Kaplan: What’s your view on AI from a data center mindset?

Harmail Chatha: So AI is going to require a lot of compute, right? It’s a heavy algorithm base, which requires a lot of GPUs, high processing computers. So that’s going to require a lot more power. It’s going to require a lot more real estate, and AI is useful in so many verticals, but ultimately it’s going to be useful in the data center as well. Through AI we’ll be able to self-heal a lot of the problems at the software tier as well. We’re planning to deploy robots in our data centers to do troubleshooting as well, and that’s going to be based on a lot of AI in itself to try to tell the robot what to do, how to fix it, and ultimately we want to be able to plug into the robot Prism Central. Anytime a system does have an issue, the robot already knows and goes and tries to address it itself. So AI, obviously, is going to be tremendous, a vertical that’s going to grow and continue to grow, and it’s going to have a huge impact on data centers and sustainability in itself.

Ken Kaplan: How does it make you feel when you see this wave of AI coming?

Harmail Chatha: So the wave of AI from an infrastructure perspective is going to be tremendous. Right now we’re at a chasm where we’re doing some AI/ML for small level data sets, but now what we’re seeing in the industry, for example, with ChatGPT, that infrastructure is heavy for them to even start the company. They have to deploy so much gear so the systems could learn what to do, how to do, they literally took the entire internet and dumped it into Chat GPT. So the entire internet is run across thousands of data centers. So much power consumption. Data centers consume about 1.5% of global power. And if ChatGPT took the internet into its set and we’re building on AI, that number’s probably going to double in the future as well.

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