Inside IT: Factory Mobile Computing Proves Enterprise Value of 2-in-1 Devices

September 23rd, 2014 |
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IT Best Practices: Episode 84 – The enterprise today is awash in a variety of compute devices with diverse capabilities. The days of IT delivering a one-size-fits-all, desktop-only computer to every worker are long gone. For a very large, global corporation like Intel, applying the best compute technology to maximize employee productivity is a big undertaking. John Mahvi is the IT PC Fleet Manager at Intel. His job is to manage the lifecycle of PCs and other client devices. In this podcast he tells us about one of the newer options available to employees, the two-in-one device. We hear how Intel approached making two-in-ones part of their PC fleet, and how these convertible devices have proved themselves highly valuable in specific use cases in the enterprise – particularly in the factory.


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