Deploying an Enterprise-Ready Content Sync-and-Share Solution

October 11th, 2013 |
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IT Best Practices: The consumerization of IT and the popularity of our bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program allow Intel employees to work from multiple devices. Regardless of what type of device they use, they want to be able to access work content from anywhere, at anytime and be able to share that content with internal and external colleagues.

We have found that when employees have access to the content they need on their devices of choice, productivity increases. From 2010 to 2012, Intel employees gained more than 7 million hours of productivity because of their ability to use BYO devices.

At the same time, this trend brings with it increased expectations and new risks. For example, some employees who rely on consumer-based content sync-and-share solutions for synchronizing and sharing their personal files expect a similar solution to be available for work files. In the absence of an internal solution, many employees opened accounts with consumer solutions, introducing security, regulatory, and content leakage risks to the enterprise. We had no way of knowing if employees were using consumer solutions to synchronize work or personal content, making it difficult for us to protect business content and intellectual property. Employees were inadvertently putting the enterprise at risk in their efforts to improve productivity and collaboration.

For these reasons, Intel IT implemented an Intel-managed content sync-and-share solution that enables us to do the following:
• Keep company content secure
• Enhance collaboration between internal and external colleagues
• Increase employee productivity and satisfaction
• Make the most recent content available, regardless of which device last altered it

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