Edwards Campaign: PodTech’s Picking Up the Tab

December 27th, 2006 |

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People are justifiably curious who’s paying for Robert’s trip — journalists are usually free to write critically, at least in part, because they aren’t also being fed by the candidate they’re covering. It’s no different this time, as Robert pointed out to readers this evening. PodTech’s picking up the tab for eating and sleeping. As for travel, the candidate is covering that.

But if the candidate didn’t, then there would be a bus load of journalists covering his campaign from a newly spiffed up lawn in the Lower Ninth Ward.

The Edwards people did get some video from that spiffed-up yard, it’s on YouTube.

An item on DailyKos points out some of the Web spots the Edwards campaign has popped up (Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Flickr). For all that Web-savvy, the official line from the campaign is that the announcement — originally planned for tomorrow — was accidentally leaked when the campaign site went live, a day early.

Some might say that’s not a great sign of organization. Others might see it as a lucky break, if not a planned one. New Orleans has already been the backdrop for plenty of politics, and the candidate might want to let tomorrow’s cameras see it for the devastation it still shows instead of the 24 karat ambition of a presidential hopeful. Or maybe that’s just what he wants to convey.

The presidential season has begun, and it’s exactly these kinds of questions that will be keeping our boy on the bus busy, at least for a little while.

Good Luck Robert! The food and lodging’s on PodTech, so dig in.

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