Edwards Campaign: Big Easy Come, Big Easy Go

December 27th, 2006 |

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People go to New Orleans to make memories that will last. So it turns out that’s at least one thing Robert and Maryam have in common with Senator Edwards.

It isn’t surprising that Edwards would choose the city to kick things off for his presidential bid. His work as director of the Center on Poverty Work and Opportunity at UNC Chapel Hill is about problems like those facing New Orleans, and especially neighborhoods like the Lower Ninth Ward, even before Hurricane Katrina.

Robert’s cab ride from the airport is evidence enough that the city’s plight is far from over.

But tomorrow, as Robert notes, the candidate, his team, and the reporters who will be covering them will pull up stakes and head to Iowa, and they probably won’t be back for awhile.

Friday it’s New Hampshire and Nevada, and Saturday back East for the Carolinas (both of them).

New Orleans has been the backdrop for a lot of politics since Katrina. It’s also been in the news this week, as one government estimate puts post-Katrina-related fraud at possibly more than $1 billion, and an AP report highlights just how slowly the city is recovering.

Sometime after the campaign’s 4:30am wake-up call, maybe around the time the wheels hit the ground in Iowa, might be a good time to ask: Will the memories that Senator Edwards created in New Orleans last?

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