4 Steps for Building an IT Sustainability Strategy

May 2nd, 2024 | | 2:19
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In this video interview, Mat Brown, senior technical marketing engineer at Nutanix, discusses the increasing importance of data center sustainability strategies and the challenges of managing carbon emissions from IT operations.

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Mat Brown: Increasingly, our customers are asking us about sustainability issues and about ESG. They want to know about the carbon emissions related to their IT solutions, whether they’re running them in their own data center at a co-location or in public cloud. These are becoming top of mind for more and more customers all the time.

It’s especially grown up over the last couple of years. What’s really kicked that on has been the energy crisis that’s built up in Europe especially. But then more and more regulation is coming out of the EU and in other places around the world, and that’s driving these sustainability challenges for businesses everywhere.

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Eventually it’s going to be have to embedded into every part of the business they do. I’d expect people will be doing sustainability training, like they do security training, and I expect that people will be reporting on their organization’s and missions like they currently report on their financial practice.

Yeah, so we’ve kind of mapped out four steps on the road to progress, as it were for organizations. Of course, the fundamental basis for everything is a better understanding of impact, but also an understanding of what your business goals are. Who are your allies? Who can you talk to and what resources are at your disposal? From there, you can understand what you need to measure, start implementing the processes to make those measurements, and then on that basis you can then plan and transform and build a business case for future activity as well.

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