Transforming Intel’s B2B Digital Experience

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IT Best Practices: Intel IT, in partnership with Intel s sales and marketing organizations and business units, has unified the digital experience for Intel s business-to-business (B2B) customers by eliminating unnecessary business processes and technical debt. Our efforts resulted in a streamlined, consistent end-to-end customer experience and increased revenue.

In 2015, we began the transformation by connecting data from marketing activities to sales data. We then unified dozens of fragmented design centers and product portals, and simplified and consolidated hundreds of business processes supporting these experiences. We continue to refine the B2B customer experience by using marketing automation and analytics to strategically deliver personalized content, accelerating the buyer s journey and increasing return on investment from marketing campaigns.

We partnered with sales and marketing to create and implement a robust change-management plan to ensure acceptance and adoption of the transformative solutions.

    The customer-centric approach benefits both customers and Intel:

  • Customers have a single entry point and login for their interactions with Intel throughout the buyer s journey.
  • Customers receive context-specific information targeted to their needs and interests, which helps them expedite product time to market.
  • Intel s marketing investments can be directly tied to sales results.

To date, our efforts have increased Intel s ability to scale to new markets and new customers, improved customer satisfaction, and enabled Intel s sales and marketing organizations to realize over USD 500 million in revenue.

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