IT@Intel: Fuel Cells – An Alternative Energy Source for Intel’s Data Centers

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IT Best Practices: In several proofs of concept, fuel cell technology has proved to be a reliable, stable, efficient and sustainable source of electricity for Intel’s data centers. Intel IT joined forces with Intel’s Corporate Services and Global Supply Chain groups to enable fuel cells to meet Intel’s redundancy and capacity expectations.

For some of Intel’s data centers, fuel cells are the primary source of power (as opposed to the power grid). To date, we have fuel cell installations at Intel data centers in Bangalore, India, as well as in Santa Clara in the U.S. Fuel cells are now part of Intel IT’s plan of record for new data center design and expansion scope.

Intel IT’s experience with fuel cells has illustrated their many benefits, including the following:
• Efficient use of real estate
• Reliable and high-quality power
• Scalable modular installations
• Affordability
• Faster deployment time
• Reduced carbon dioxide emissions

This white paper provides details about our innovative value proposition of fuel cell use at Intel IT and shares some best practices that we have implemented or deployed over the last several years.

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