Inside IT: Intel Architecture-Based Phones in the Enterprise

July 31st, 2012 |
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IT Best Practices: Episode 30 – More and more, users want their own personal small form-factor device, such as a smart phone or tablet, as their work device. As Intel has developed it’s consumerization program, the number of mobile devices used by employees has grown tremendously in just a few years, and the majority are now “BYO” consumer devices. The stage has been set, and the time has come for an Intel Architecture-based mobile device. In this podcast, we hear from two members of Intel’s IT’s Small Form Factor Team: Project Analyst Aideen Moohan and engineer Derek Harkin. They discuss IT@Intel’s role in the development of IA-based smartphones, how their experience with consumerization in the organization was critical, and how these new devices are optimized for the enterprise.


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