Edwards Campaign, Scoble-style: Leadership Demo?

December 28th, 2006 |

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In the tech world, if you’re selling something, it’s okay to talk about, but it’s far better to give a demo. A social media campaign launch is one way to bring in the tech angle. But giving a demo is another.

That’s the tech/Scoble-esque view taken by Michel Markman — the Edwards campaign announcement yesterday/today was just the beginning of a demo.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t about John Edwards or the presidential campaign, or at least not to Ezra Klein, who writes that it was about everyone else taking some action.

More like a campaign in the old-fashioned sense of a movement, instead of one candidate’s race to The White House.

Klein hears echoes of JFK (“Ask not what your country…” etc), but maybe we also see the shadow of Howard Dean (“… and we’re gonna take back The White House! Yeehaw….” – only instead of focusing on “Yeehaw,” focus on “we”) and his “re-inventor of campaigning,” Joe Trippi (here’s a a cool podcast with Trippi from awhile back).

But back to that demo idea — Let’s say Edwards is giving a demo, not of a particular product or brand, but of a more general product — maybe the most important one in a presidential campaign. He’s actually demo-ing his leadership skills. If we follow, says Markman, he’s a leader.

And if we don’t, well, that’s what other candidates are for.

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