Edwards Campaign: So That’s How They Make the News

December 28th, 2006 |

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Edwards Campaign – Scoble’s watching news happen, meaning he’s actually watching Washington Post National Political Correspondent Dan Balz type up the news that his paper readers will see tomorrow morning.

Only, tomorrow morning is a long way off for Dan, Robert and John Edwards.

That’s how Dan and Robert got to chatting about the news business, and the fast-changing model for getting information out there faster, better, etc.

It’s also why Robert might have mentioned to Dan that WSJ got there a little faster… (Be nice to these guys, Robert. You might need to borrow a phone at some point!)

One thing you might notice is that in some of the video coverage out there, Edwards is “on,” meaning he sounds like a politician, even in some of his “viral” online video interviews.

We already know that Edwards is frustrated at what happens to him when the cameras are on. You can see the documentary webisodes on his site (check out Plane Truths, for example).

That’s why we’re hoping Scoble’s video will be worth the wait…

He’s gonna have some pretty behind-the-scenes stuff — even moreso than the stuff that’s already out there — that’ll be good to see.

It will be interesting to see if Robert’s camera style spooks the candidate back into his “Ken doll” mode of spinning or if we get a close look at the man behind the, uh, doll.

And then there’s the question for Edwards: does a viral campaign matter? Steve Benen points out that even a closer look at the man might not be enough to fill the coffers.

And if it increases the emotion in the campaign (which it might, by bringing citizens more deeply into the process…) is that too much of a good thing? (“The Howard Dean collapse was an emotional reaction to an emotional reaction,” says Alfred Thompson.)

We’ll get plenty more from Scoble today when they get to Iowa, and if you’re interested in how it went in New Orleans, you can check the Washington Post tomorrow. (just kidding. they’re on it.)

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