Scoble Video Coming: A Look Behind The Curtain

December 30th, 2006 |

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The questions that Robert is left with are both new and old.

How a campaign rolls in the newer social media (if, indeed, social media is even still alive?) is a crucial aspect of political campaigns, and it’s appropriate for everyone to ask what it means to have candidates invite citizens along for the ride.

The specifics here — blogs, photosharing sites, video sharing sites, a candidate giving exposure on his site to supporters AND people who don’t like him — these are new.

But campaigns have always had to deal with new technologies, whether they involved print media, radio, air travel, or any number of other advances along the way.

The questions we see Robert asking now are kind of updated versions of the questions that were asked more than 30 years ago, with The Boys On the Bus.

Author Timothy Crouse chronicled his experiences on the McGovern campaign bus in 1972, where he watched the reporters watching the candidate (sound familiar?). He was there for Rolling Stone magazine, along with fellow RS writer Hunter Thompson, whose own chronicle of that campaign, from a slightly different angle, has also become a legendary account of the process.

The real excitement for us today is that Robert wasn’t JUST watching and listening. He was also recording. And that means that soon — very soon — we’ll have a look at the inside of the whole machine, and a much clearer picture of the stuff we’ve been hearing about not just these last few days, but these last several decades.

It probably won’t answer all of our questions about the process, or the Edwards campaign, but we have reality tv shows about just about everything that doesn’t matter. Why not take a closer look at something that actually might?

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