Scoble and Blogging on the Campaign Trail

December 29th, 2006 |
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SAN FRANCISCO, December 29, 2006 (PodTech News) — Robert Scoble was invited by Senator John Edwards’s campaign team to join the Senator, his staff, other “social media” representatives and the more traditional press corps for the first few days of his presidential campaign. It’s been a marathon few days, chronicled at Robert’s popular, as well as here on PodTech’s ScobleShow channel. These all-important first few days of the Edwards campaign have made a splash in the blogosphere for several reasons, from the inclusion of social media people like Robert and a team from online news site Rocketboom to the Senator’s desire to communicate with people online (he spent some time yesterday chatting with several hundred people online at — before spending time with several hundred people in person at a Town Hall meeting in Iowa). Robert spoke with PodTech’s Paul Lancour from his hotel room in New Hampshire, where the whole thing starts all over again today.

Photos Compiled from live streaming of Dec. 28 Town Hall Meeting, Des Moines, Iowa


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