Democratization of HD Video Conferencing

October 31st, 2008 |
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As high definition video conferencing takes hold in the enterprise, it improves communication in clear ways, as well as in some subtle ones. The impact on the boardroom is one thing: groups and executives now come together for effective virtual meetings that save money and valuable energy resources. But new technologies are bringing that value and efficiency one step further: by bringing the collaborative video conferencing technology out of the conference room and out to the desktop, they’re turning video communication into the new voice communication. “Video killed the radio star,” is one way that Wayne Seifried might put it. Seifried is the director of Global Portfolio Marketing, Enterprise Mobility and Video Solutions with Siemens Enterprise Communications.

OpenScape Video, from Siemens Enterprise Communication is bringing some of the highest quality video at the lowest possible bandwidth to desktop users throughout the enterprise. The result is something that Seifried calls the “Democratization of HD Video Conferencing,” because with OpenScape, video is part of the unified communication platform, integrating with internal phone systems to allow maximum participation from users anywhere in the company, and pretty much anywhere in the world.

In this podcast, Seifried discusses the changes that high definition video conferencing have already made for all industries, ranging from medicine (where telemedicine allows specialists in one location the real-time ability to assist in medical situations in other, often very remote, locales), to law and even education. He explains why, while the value of video over voice communication is clear, the technology that continues to evolve, bringing high quality video to more users for less cost means great opportunity for the enterprise.

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