Acrobat 8: Preflight & Fixup

December 28th, 2006 |
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Preflighting — now you can test (and pass or fail) a pdf based on your own selected criteria. And you can fix it easily, too. The functionality in Adobe Acrobat 8 will help with compatability across the variety of Adobe Acrobat Reader versions floating around, and will help to make dealing with pdfs even easier.


Host: Terry White – Adobe Systems Incorporated

Terry White – Adobe Systems Incorporated

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Adobe Creative Suite Podcast. My name is Terry White. In this episode, we’re going to take a look at Acrobat 8 Professionals enhanced Preflighting capability. What this means is that in previous versions of Acrobat, you could test a PDF to see if it met certain criteria. In this version of Acrobat, not only can you do a test and pass or fail a PDF based on your criteria, but you can also fix a lot of common things that maybe wrong with the PDF, especially if you’re in print production workflow.

So, going to up to my Advanced menu here. I’m going to come down to Print Production, which is where Preflight lives and we can see here that there are several other capabilities inside the Advanced Print Production menu. Some of the ones, which you’re used to in the previous version and you can of course still show the Print Production toolbar, which has all of these commands on it, but I’m just going to go ahead and go to Preflight and we’re going to bring up the Preflight dialogue box here. The Preflight dialogue box has been revamped to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

The Preflight dialogue box has now been separated into various categories of things that you’re maybe looking for. So, for example, if I was just trying to make sure my PDF passed a certain minimum requirement, maybe I’m going to post it on the Website and I’m not sure what version of Acrobat or Adobe Reader people would have. So, what I could do is just say, “Make it compatible with Acrobat 4,” I think that should be a good low comment denominator or even Acrobat 5, I think most people would have at least version4 or 5 today. And of course, I could make it 6 or 7 compatible, but if I stuck with 4 or 5 then I’m pretty much going to cover everybody, that’s got their free reader.

Now, you notice that there’re two icons next to this compatible with. There’s the P icon which basically Preflights the PDF to see if it meets that criteria and then there’s a new icon, that looks like a little wrench and what that icon means that, if it doesn’t meet it, it will fix it to meet that criteria. So, that’s what called a fix up inside of Acrobat 8 Professional. It can now not only identify problems because before, all it would do just tell me yes or no this PDF is Acrobat 4 or 5 compatible, but then its up to me to go figure out how to make it compatible. Now, not only it can find the issue if there’s one, but it can fix it up same time.

So, there’re various ones for digital printing, for example, there’s a digital printing for black and white and a digital printing for color. So, it’ll fix the PDF to make it applicable for that kind of digital printing. Then there’s also tons of different fix ups here in the fix up category. For example, one of the most common ones and this is the one we’re going to run, is Convert to CMYK Only. If I have a CMYK workflow that doesn’t allow for me to have any RGB or in this case, not even any spot colors, I can say, “Hey you know, I don’t know what the person did who made this PDF, I just know I need it to CMYK, go ahead and take care of it for me.”

So, if I say, “Execute,” I’m going get a very important warning. This says, “Once it does this, it’s not possible to revert back or undo the fix up.” So, you should definitely run this on a copy of the PDF just in case, you ran a wrong fix up or didn’t do exactly what you wanted it to do. If you’re familiar with this, you could say, “Don’t show you this message again,” but we’ll click okay and its now loading the profile definition. It’s applying to fix up and it will start listing all the things it did. So, it converted spot colors to CMYK and it basically fixed the 175 objects inside this PDF and now there’re no further problems found. So, it’s done it, this PDF is now CMYK compliant and it does not contain any RGB or spot colors. So, that’s how the Fix Ups work and Preflight works inside of Acrobat 8 Professional.

My name is Terry White again, thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast. Join me for more Acrobat 8 features in the next episode.

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