Fueling the Desktop Revolution with VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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Enterprise computing has come a long way from the days of centralized mainframes in the 1970’s to the fully distributed desktops and laptops we see today. With the workplace becoming more technologically diverse and increasingly mobile, desktop IT workload grows exponentially with each new user and configuration. Is there a solution that can give IT centralized control while still providing end users with a familiar interface? Yes there is – VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allows you to centrally deliver virtual desktops from your secure datacenter to your end users. Virtual desktops look and behave like traditional PCs. Therefore, users can still customize their desktops, download additional applications without adding to the IT support queue. VMware virtualization helps you take back control of the desktop.

This podcast features VMware Desktop Specialist Todd Dayton in an interview that dives into the architecture behind VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, applicable use cases and tips on how to get started.

The Server Virtualization Blog has a great and concise explanation of the VM value proposition in a recent post by Bridget Botelho, including links to case studies.


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