IT@Intel: Driving Digital Acceleration with Application Portfolio Management

February 22nd, 2021 |
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IT Best Practices: Best-in-class organizations continuously strive to innovate and improve IT assets. This transformation is critical for business organizations to perform operations without disruption. IT transformation also enhances business units’ ability to meet objectives through deeper IT asset insights and improved total cost of ownership (TCO), all while running leaner and more efficiently.

Application portfolio management (APM) is an information system that stores and manages a wide range of IT assets throughout their lifecycles. APM provides insights into several measurable data points that enable management to make data-driven conclusions, including:
1. Architecture modernization and simplification.
2. Technical debt reduction though IT asset rationalization.
3. TCO management while weighing IT asset return on investment (ROI) and business value.
4. Recommendations on investments across strategic, innovative, and disruptive technical and business capabilities.
5. Improving IT services and agility through insights into IT asset health and associated metrics.
6. Providing insights into IT operations outsourcing, consolidation of services, visibility into security and compliance risks, and awareness of strategic value and importance.

Intel IT implemented APM several years ago as a basic inventory management tool for applications and platforms. However, we continue to evolve this solution and its surrounding processes not only to meet Intel requirements but to elevate our group to be exemplary among global IT organizations. We offer this paper
as both a blueprint and inspiration for others to follow.

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