Transforming Enterprise with AI and IoT, Combined – Intel on AI – Episode 52

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In this Intel on AI podcast episode: The Internet of Things (IoT) is producing a tremendous amount of data. But companies need to make sense of the data and AI is a clear answer to analyze and act on that data to deliver the full potential of IoT. Previously, combining AI and IoT was relatively unthinkable. Now it is an incredibly fast growing trend, often referred to as AIoT. Bill Roberts, Senior Director of Global Process, Sensors and Smart Practice at SAS, joins the Intel on AI podcast to discuss how Intel and SAS participated in a survey to discover how organizations are using AIoT today, who within the company realizes and utilizes the value, and where AIoT will grow in the future. He illustrates how an organization’s ability to deliver value from IoT is facilitated by the use of AI. Bill discusses how all of the data being derived by the many IoT sensors and cameras available today need AI to analyze and produce insights from that data. The survey highlights how this convergence of AI and IoT is really beginning to show tremendous value to organizations that are implementing AIoT within their systems. Bill also talks about how SAS themselves have even put their own AIoT system in place measuring the health of bee hives on their North Carolina campus and use the huge amounts of data they derive from their IoT systems and AI analysis to help track, analyze, and predict the health of bees across their campus and even their state.

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