Audio White Paper: “Three Macrotrends Impacting the Journey to 2030,” from Kaleido Insights

August 16th, 2018 |
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The pace of change driven by technological advancement isn’t just accelerating, it’s widening. The scope of this change simultaneously defines our age as well as how we manage life and work. In this introductory report from Kaleido Insights, we explore technology’s impact on the evolving relationships among humans, businesses, and their ecosystems, crystallizing the innovator’s path forward.

The advent of the Internet and digital have changed the world, while organizations struggle more to keep up––nevermind, get ahead. We’re surrounded by a proliferation of devices and interfaces; an untold velocity of data generation and networked services; and an ever-shifting tessellation of new capabilities and bright shiny objects. To innovate is no longer a choice, it is imperative.

Meanwhile, businesses are told this technological disruption is both their future and their biggest threat. This report offers clarity amidst the chaos as we provide a three-tiered methodology for analyzing technologies not as fragments, but in patterns of impacts. These impacts affect humans, businesses, and the ecosystem at large, the foundation for three macro trends relevant to every organization:

First, technology is enabling people to evolve into Super Humans. Born in the age of social media and accelerated through mobile, consumers’ ever-expanding toolkit of capabilities renders individuals more powerful than ever before.

Second, nimble and Fluid Organizations are those that survive. Early efforts in digital transformation reveal why shifting competitive forces requires agility and fluidity across systems, internal culture, and within innovation programs themselves.

Third, Enlightened Ecosystems are the result of digital convergence with the physical world– as distributed systems, machines, and supply chains become more integrated, interconnectivity across ecosystems is forging intelligence more powerful than any single human or business.

Within each of these trends, Kaleido analysts surface key implications and offer clear direction on how to apply insights to help organizations participate. Our objective is to distill sanity and strategy from the noise, transforming the “kaleidoscope” of technological disruption into a clear vision for innovation.

Download the paper:

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