The King Of Blogging Speaks Out

September 5th, 2006 |

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Robert Scoble is the September 4, 2006 interview on Marketing Voices and his passion for blogging is infectious! Scoble delves into the power of word of mouth, links, the world of Google and all the ways that a corporation can increase its influence by blogging. Recently, Scoble spoke at a corporate event for PodTech, where he spelled out some of the ways that companies can start to blog. He believes the biggest immediate benefit is with public relations, but the real power of blogging goes beyond basic PR — once companies start to build relationships with their customers by listening to them and responding directly to them, Scoble says a new kind of loyalty and enthusiasm naturally develops. Scoble began blogging in 2000, and his tenure at Microsoft gave him a chance to see the real power of listening through blogs.

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