Making Podcasts Work Best in Corporate Marketing

August 28th, 2006 |

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Lots of companies ask PodTech how to make podcasts work most effectively for them. Greg Ness from Blue Lane Technologies on the August 28 Marketing Voices describes what he did to make the Master of IT series successful for Juniper. Greg created the Master of IT series at Juniper before he moved to Blue Lane, and it got thousands of downloads by showcasing real people talking about their passions for technology innovation at Juniper. The interviews were short and succinct — 20 minutes or so in length. The Master Of IT series is one of the most effective for a technology company. The Q&A format for podcasts work best, especially when a new technology is being described. Having the interviewer ask targeted yet provocative questions so that the technologist can talk about his or her “knowledge area” and be educative makes the podcast work well.

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