Preview of PodTech India

September 9th, 2006 |

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Here is your chance to preview some of the content for the soon-to-be-launched PodTech India channel. PodTech India is dedicated to on-the-ground coverage of ideas, trends, and people involved in the Indian technology industry.

PodTech India gives you direct access to ideas, influencers, and issues originating from the ecosystem of Indian entrepreneurs, thought leaders, companies, and startups. The PodTech India Channel also capitalizes on a shared connection between technology epicenters in India and technologically-attuned Indian diasporas worldwide, including the Silicon Valley.

PodTech India will feature content from a slew of expert contributors including Kiruba Shankar, Kamla Bhatt, Vickram Crishna, and many others.

For more India content, check out PodTech’s coverage of the TiEcon 2006 conference and the TiEcon East 2006 conference.

We encourage all feedback and suggestions on our content, so please post your thoughts on the comments section for each post in PodTech India

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