Inside IT: Advancing the User Experience with Windows 10

May 15th, 2017 |
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IT Best Practices: Episode 101 – One clear sign of the technological change we’ve all regularly adapted to is the number of operating systems we’ve worked with in our personal and professional lives. Historically, IT has had to evaluate and deploy operating systems every few years. The drumbeat of technological change has been beating faster and faster, and today IT is pretty much continuously evaluating new operating systems and adapting to new paradigms. In this podcast we talk with Rocky Tejinder Singh, Platform Engineering Manager at Intel IT. Tejinder Singh has been involved in developing Intel’s changing approach to operating systems. He’ll talk about how Intel’s adoption of Windows 10 coincides with the company’s transition to an operating-system-as-a service model, how this has improved the user experience, and how the enterprise IT department needs to adapt its thinking about OS deployment and support.


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