Tech Tonics: Diego Miralles – Physician, Scientist, Drug Developer, Humanist

August 22nd, 2016 |
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Infectious disease physician, entrepreneur, and life-long innovator, Diego Miralles has pursued the frontiers of medicine on three continents, and in at least three distinct settings: academia, biotech startups, and the largest pharma company on earth, J&J. There, he founded both the J-Labs incubator and the J&J Innovation Network, which has offices around the world, including the Bay Area, Boston, London, and Shanghai. Diego recently rejoined the startup world, taking a leadership role at Adaptive Biotechnologies, where he is President and will be leading their therapeutic initiatives.

While some people are changed by their work environment (not always for the better…), Diego has instead managed to bring his deeply-felt compassion and restless creativity to each organization he’s been part of, making each of these companies more empathetic and inquisitive in the process. His sense of humor and the joy he spreads to colleagues are infectious in the best sense of the word. We are thrilled to welcome this physician, scientist, drug developer, and humanist to our program today.

This episode of Tech Tonics is sponsored by DNAnexus, the secure and compliant cloud platform that enables enterprise users to analyze, collaborate around, and integrate massive amounts of genetic and other health data.


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