Celio REDFLY: A Smartphone’s Mobile Companion

January 1st, 2008 |
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When Celio Corporation received a 2008 CES Innovations Award this past November, the news was out that Ceilo was up to something cool. Kirt Bailey, CEO of Celio Corporation — and former Intel Capital director involved with mobility markets, sat down with Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain Voices and shared the story of the REDFLY Mobile Companion.

As Bailey reminds, today’s smartphones are approaching (or already have) the processing power of computers. The REDFLY unleashes the mobile computing and communication power of today’s smartphone that is trapped beneath a tiny screen. The REDFLY is a 1″x6″x9″ clamshell device that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooh or USB to enhance a smartphone with an 8″ high-resolution display, full-function keyboard, touchpad and 8-hour battery life. The REDFLY also has a standard VGA port for output to projectors and displays and charges your phone while in use.

Bailey sees a big benefit for the mobile business traveler who seeks to stay connected while shedding pounds. REDFLY lets salespeople more easily use Salesforce.com or other Web 2.0 apps, allows business managers to forecast in Excel, or helps executives keep up on email — all from their their smartphone and the 1.9 pound REDFLY.

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