Measuring Service Experiences with Richard Hanks at Mindshare

March 28th, 2007 |
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As a former EVP and Corporate Officer at Marriott, where he led the marketing strategy, sales, distribution, and revenue management efforts for Marriott’s 13 lodging brands and $18 billion in sales, Richard Hanks knows a thing or two about service. Today Hanks is the Chairman and President of Mindshare Technologies, which is all about measuring and reporting on service experiences.

From mystery shopping to restaurant to call centers to retail to hospitality to travel, Mindshare Technologies provides an easy to deploy and customize ASP service measurement solution where executive teams can monitor and determine individual customer experiences. In addition to survey tools, Mindshare also provides alerts and triggers that notify management and action teams so they can take care of a poor experience quickly, before it becomes a problem for the organization.

UPDATE 6/4/2015: Mindshare Technologies is now InMoment, Inc.


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