New Business Model: Mobile PC Manageability

May 22nd, 2007 |
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With the release of Centrino Pro, the mobile environment is more open than ever. Five or six years ago most users were tethered to wires while on their laptops. Centrino unleashed a wave of mobility, limited by the number of WiFi hotspots available. Those hotspots have increased in number and that has begun to fill in the service side of the equation. But the laptops have gotten better, too. And that is catching the attention of businesses, which are getting less squeamish about exposing their networks to mobile PCs that touch all sorts of signals outside of the friendly confines of the enterprise. Centrino Pro, analysts say, is a step forward for business deployment of large fleets of laptops, especially in Intel’s vPro environment. PodTech’s Jason Lopez explores what Centrino Pro means to business users.

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