The Death of E3

August 16th, 2006 |

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The Entertainment Software Association has announced that it is “scaling down” the E3 Expo, which was the largest game trade show in the country. The ESA wants the event to be more “personal.” Exactly what does that mean, you ask? Don’t expect to find ridiculously massive gaming booths, scantily-clad women showing off the latest games and thousands of non-gamers who have no business being there, or a gigantic show floor, for that matter. The decision shouldn’t affect large game publishers, since they have the money to schedule media events to promote their games. But it may be bad news for small publishers, as E3 was the only time they can show off their games to thousands of game editors in a few days. Overall, I feel this is a good move by the ESA. E3 simply became too big for its own good and has been slowly shying away from its purpose, which is to give the gaming press the opportunity to see the newest games, without the circus atmosphere. What do gamers think about the move? It’s a mixed bag.

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