Intel Releases the New Centrino

May 9th, 2007 |
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Intel has released its newest Centrino technologies for notebook computers. The company says the new hardware and software platform has improved processor and graphics performance, wireless connectivity, battery life, startup and loading time, as well as enhanced security and machine management for IT departments.

The new technologies are Centrino Duo, for consumer machines, and the Centrino Pro, for business notebooks. The release of the new laptop technologies comes four years after Intel first launched the platform that made wireless connectivity and mobility a standard characteristic of notebook computers. “It really was a tipping point,” said Karen Regis, a manager in Intel’s Mobile Platform Marketing Group. “It really became the new norm. People expect to be able to sit on their couch and be on the Internet.”

“Now, what we’re doing is we’re just raising the bar on ourselves with what people can do with that wireless,” she added. Regis says the new technology allows people to use their laptops at home or in business in ways that are more seamless. “Once you have that kind of throughput, coverage and reliability, you can start doing interesting things like high definition content.” The rise of Internet-delivered video is one of the factors in the design of new Centrino technologies. Both the Centrino Duo and Pro technologies are based on Core2Duo chips.

Centrino Pro laptops are designed to work within Intel’s vPro environment where I.T. departments can more easily manage fleets of PCs and stay on top of security issues.

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