Future of Biofuels Points to Algae

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At the recent Clean Tech Venture Network Conference in San Francisco, Nora McDevitt interviewed Dave Jones of Live Fuels, Inc. This start-up is developing biofuel technologies using algae. Algae multiplies so quickly and produces so much oxygen that it could reverse the “Carbon Dioxide Problem.” Unlike corn, which nets 81 gallons of biodiesel per acre (soy nets 40), algae yields as much as 15,000 gallons per acre. According to the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab, enough algae-based biodiesel can be produced each year to power current levels of U.S. petroleum-based transporation (140 billion gallons) using a mere 9.5 million acres of land. It takes 3 billion acres to produce the same amount of oil from soybeans. Algae could be the emerging front runner in biofuels.


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