IT Best Practices: IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Mobile Business PCs

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IT Best Practices: IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Mobile Business PCs
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IT Best Practices: Intel IT has found that mobile business PCs have been crucial to enabling business continuity during a variety of disaster situations. We have standardized on a mobile business PC solution for Intel’s highly mobile workforce because they enable employees to work productively, with full computing capabilities, from any location. To further support remote collaboration, we also use tools such as as Voice over IP (VoIP)-based videoconferencing and unified messaging.
We have found that these technologies also enable employees to continue working effectively during disasters that impact individual locations or entire regions. Overall, we estimate that about 7,500 of Intel’s 80,000 employees have experienced disruptive events in which their mobile business PCs played an essential role in enabling them to continue working productively. Intel has also provided laptops for humanitarian relief efforts following natural disasters that destroyed infrastructure, such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Mobile PCs and wireless communications provided immediately available technology infrastructure that assisted relief workers and victims.

To learn more about this IT Best Practices case study, check out the details in our Intel IT whitepaper PDF.

In Intel, about 80% of our PCs are laptops. How much mobile PCs do you have in your organization?

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