The rest of the story: How Bill Gates beat Gary Kildall in OS war, Part 1

August 8th, 2007 |
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You’ve heard the story. Bill Gates and Microsoft became a hugely successful business after it bought DOS from a small computer store in Seattle and licensed it to IBM. But what really happened? Did you know that Bill Gates didn’t want the operating system business at first, for instance? Did you know that Gary Kildall, founder of Digital Research and inventor of CPM (the other operating system being considered for IBM PCs) was flying the day that IBM came visiting? You might know that, but do you know the rest of the story? Here it is. Tom Rolander was the guy flying with Gary Kildall and tells the other side of the story everyone in technology should know. Tom was Gary’s best friend and tells the story about what Gary really gave all of us — an operating system architecture that continues to be used today. Also seen in the video is Mrinal Desai, VP of sales and business development at CrossLoop (Tom’s newest company, which we’ll discuss in a separate video).

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