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So Hitwise is reporting that traffic has doubled since the end of last year, which is quite impressive given the (apparently) low promotional support it has received from Yahoo since being acquired. The Hitwise report also highlights the valuable demographic that has been able to attract (25-34 year-old males with income $100-150k), which has traditionally been a hard demo to reach. Steve Rubel wisely points out how the current user base is still mostly geeks, but who are very influential and probably account for the growth.

No word on how and when the company intends to make money, and with social bookmarking still nascent, Yahoo better start giving a bigger push. The measurement question is a whole other issue that deserves some real debate as Mike Arrington and Matt Marshall have initiated. Until Alexa, Comscore, and friends can figure that out I expect that we’ll continue to see conflicting stats.

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