IT InfoTalk with COO Ed Kamins on Business Process and Operational Excellence

February 3rd, 2006 |
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Talk about cutting edge IT concepts. Ed Kamins of Avnet talk about IT. At the Vortex conference I sat down with Ed Kamins the COO of Avnet. He was previously the CIO. What’s so interesting about this InfoTalk is that he talks about a hands on approach to process management. I’ve always looked at process mgt as ‘pie in the sky’ stuff that people read about but Ed is implementing it at Avent. There margins are so tight they have no margin for error so operational efficiency and execution are the top priority. Here Ed and I talk about operational execution. Ed makes some great points that brings operational process to reality with a cutting edge approach.

I love his quote: “There is no such thing as IT problems … there is only business problems”

It’s a must listen for a CEO, COO, or business unit executive. Ed is one seasoned executive.

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