China Makes Games… Now They’re Playing

February 2nd, 2006 |

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by David Alpert

The boom in worldwide video gaming is pushing China’s gaming device manufacturers to boost production and to expand product lines to include cutting-edge on-demand game services. More than 30 manufacturers in mainland China are ramping up production for the worldwide and domestic markets.

China is not a major competitor in the realm of video game publishing, but the country essentially outfits the world with gamepads, joysticks, specialized controllers, video game consoles, and other product gaming accessories. Once made mostly for export serving and supplying companies like 3M, Best Buy, Kmart, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Thrustmaster, Wal-Mart; the tools of gaming have helped to increase the population of Chinese and Asian video game players.

Chinese manufacturers are leading edge in many ways. Many are planning to produce high-end wireless gaming accessories including Bluetooth-capable controllers. The gaming devices industries in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are expected to enjoy robust growth. According to UK-based Research & Markets global worldwide production valued at $24 billion in 2005 is projected to reach$55 billion in 2009.

The growth of the industry is being driven by the development of hardware and software as well as the increasing numbers and expanding demographics of gamers all over the world. About 140 million gamers play on consoles, 200 million on PCs and 100 million on handhelds. More than 60 percent of these gamers are more than 18 years of age.

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