Sundance Film Festival -Intel’s Rajeev Puran

January 20th, 2006 |
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Sundance goes Silicon Valley and Technology. I love it and Intel is on a roll now that the CES announcements are out of the way. Intel rolled into Park City for Sundance and setup a digital entertainment zone.

Raj Puran of Intel talks about Viiv platform, Centrino Duo dual core laptops, and the dual core desktop Pentium D as a platform. The consumer experience is elevated with increased gaming performance levels, a simpler end user set-up experience, a multitude of media options, and enhanced integration between hardware and software to form a simple “one remote” entertainment arena.

How do I get this box into my living room? Raj talks about “the ten foot experience” watching movies, listening to music, using a remote rather than a mouse or keypad to allow the consumer’s to form their own entertainment environment … “on their own terms”.


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