PodTech News: Steve Jobs Podcast of Keynote Speech at MacWorld

January 10th, 2006 |

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Steve Jobs Keynote at MacWorld. PodTech News on the scene records Steve Jobs as he highlights the Macworld’s newest and brightest unveilings. In his normal command of the audience he unveiled many new initiatives. Most impressive were the Intel relationship and new MacBook Pro. Here is the podcast of Steve Jobs keynote. Other blogging coverage is on engadget.

The biggest news this year, of course, is we announced that we were going to shift to using Intel processors in Macs. We are going to put an Intel processor inside an iMac. We’re going to offer it in the same sizes, 17 and 20-inch. We’re going to offer it in the same award winning design. We’re going to offer it with the same features. We’re going to offer it for the same prices. So what’s different? We are building in … the new Intel Core Duo. Each of these processors is faster than the G5, and there’s two of ’em. Chart of specs: SPECint_rate2000 of 32.6, that’s 3.2x faster than old iMac. SPECfp_rate2000: 27.1 for a 2.1x boost. Every iMac has now got dual processors. In refering to the Intel processors inside the new Apple Macs a new ad campaigns main them is…” It’s been trapped inside PCs. Dutifully performing dull little tasks…”

Today we are introducing … the MacBook Pro. It’s a new name because we’re kind of done with power, and we want the Mac name in our products. The same dual-processor as the iMac in every model. This is hard to believe: 4-5x faster than the PowerBook G5. These things are screamers.”

One inch thin, 5.6 pounds. Backlit keyboard with ambient light sensor, scrolling trackpad, sudden motion sensor. DVI video out for 30-inch monitors. $1999 1.67 Code Duo, 512 MB RAM, 80GB, 4x superdrive, Aiprort Extreme. $2499 for faster model.

Today, we’re introducing the next revision, iLife ’06, and it’s a giant release.”

“Something incredibly new: Photocasting. This is Podcasting for photos.”It works through .Mac. You can set a password. “Whenever there’s a change, those changes will get downloaded right into their subscription album. They can make their cards with them, they can set their desktop pictures with them… We use industry standard RSS, so anyone can subscribe – you don’t even need a Mac.”

“Next up is iMovie. Last year we added HD, and boy was that a good idea .. the prices of cameras are continuing to drop. For this year we’re adding somtehing called Animated Themes. I’ll just show you.” More important: Export to iPod, Video Podcasts.

“So, we built a website in a few minutes here that’s got four pages, my photo album, podcasts, and my blog … this is what iWeb is about.. Rich media to share with all of your family.” Same $79 price as before. “In addition we have a $99 family pack that lets you put it onto 5 computers.

Increasingly, we want to share (things) over the Internet … increasingly, a lot of us want to build a web site. So today we are introducing a sixth app into the iLife suite to let us do exactly that. To share photos … video podcasts … music … blogs … we call this new app iWeb.”

“Garage Band: We have added a podcast authoring studio.” It has: Artwork track, 200 royalty-free sound effects, 100 jingles, automatic ducking (?) for audio, and a speech enhancer.” You can use iChat for remote interviews. Steve’s going to create a podcast. “Hi, I’m Steve and welcome to my weekly podcast, Super-secret Apple Rumors.” (huge laughs) “I have some pretty good sources inside Apple, and the next iPod is going to be HUGE, like 8 pounds … See you next week.”

“Next up, iDVD. We’ve added Widescreen Menus now .. enough of us have widescreen TVs. We’ve got something new called Magic iDVD.”

It’s apple’s anniverary, “30 years making the best personal computers in the world.”

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